What is Included in Post Construction Cleaning

What is Included in Post Construction Cleaning

The final stage of any project is turning over the keys to the customer, whether it’s a brand-new building or an existing building that has undergone renovations. Same with the case for construction companies. The work still needs to be done even after constructing a whole building until every scrap of debris has been removed, and every bead of sweat has been wiped away. Construction is a big step, but before you give the keys to your client, it’s important to pay attention to the little things. After completing the construction of any building, it’s time to clean it thoroughly and make it ready to welcome its owner.

What is Post Construction Cleaning?

As the construction work goes on, dirt, dust, and other particles get into the area more and more. Well, this is why many homeowners manage to live somewhere else when their home is going through the process of renovations. No doubt, no one wants to live in a messy area. The contract timetable would quadruple if staff cleaned as they went along with construction. So, this cleaning is a more feasible option for contractors.

Usually, contractors hire construction cleaning services that focus on this cleaning area as a contract job. General contractors need the tools and machinery that specialists use to do a thorough cleaning job. However, if construction contractors have an idea of what lies ahead, they will be better able to plan for it and coordinate their efforts throughout the project.

Difference Between Pre Construction and Post Construction Cleaning

Before moving further into the discussion, let’s find out the difference between pre construction and post construction cleaning:

Pre Construction Cleaning:

Pre construction cleaning and maintenance are essential at any building to set the stage for a successful construction or renovation project. Along with getting the building ready for construction, pre-construction cleaning also prepares the place for different installation of things like doors, windows, cabinets, air conditioners, etc.

If the construction site is clean, it’ll save time for contractors to clean the site and make their work easier.

Post Construction Cleaning:

A thorough post-construction cleaning process involves collecting junk like discarded plasterboard, screws, nails, and other scrap materials; tiles, cement, paint, finish coatings, and flooring materials; wiping surfaces clean of paint; and more.

While the specifics of each post-construction cleaning project may be unique, they will all have one thing in common: they will all be intended to leave the building’s new occupants with a clean and sanitary environment. Renovations, no matter how extensive or small, generate a great deal of dust and filth. Hiring a post construction cleaning company will make your place ready to move in.

Benefits of Pre Cleaning Services

Setting up pre construction cleaning before bringing in the construction crew has many advantages. Want to know more about the benefits you can reap from getting pre construction services? Let’s dive into the following benefits of why construction companies should get cleaning services:


When it comes to your employees, safety comes first. Maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace sends a message that you value the well-being of your employees. All employees are more upbeat and productive when they know they will work in a tidy space.

Simple Setup

You need a clean area to install and set up doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, stairs, and ladders. Wood flooring and tile installation require a dust-free subfloor. And wall coverings look best when applied to clean walls. So, indeed, pre cleaning plays an integral part in getting better results.

Saves time

The last thing you want is for your construction team to have to undertake cleanup once they’ve finished their job. If your contract is hourly, this will extend the time it takes to build while increasing the cost.

Benefits of Post Construction Cleaning Services

Here are just a few of the many, many advantages of getting post construction services. Let’s get started!


Anybody, even somewhat close to a construction or renovation site, runs the risk of being injured by flying debris, such as nails, screws, and other bits of hardware. Expert cleaners know how to stay safe from a wide range of hazards by using protective gear such as helmets, shoes, and other apparel. They have everything they need to clear trash and debris from a construction site without putting anyone in danger.

Facilitating a Secure Setting

Hazards abound at active construction sites. There may be sharp objects, such as nails or screws, as well as scraps of wood or other materials, such as paint or chemicals, lying around the site. A professional construction cleaning service will finish off the job by eliminating any dust or debris that the construction crew may have missed.

Pay Attention to Every Last Detail

The high standard of work is a significant perk of using post-construction cleaning services. They are well-versed in building materials and know the best places to clean.

More than simply sweeping and vacuuming, they will take on any job, large or small. Among the many responsibilities are:

  • Maintenance of doors, frames, and fittings by polishing
  • Maintain a gleaming shine on the glass
  • Toweling off cupboards
  • Dusted and cleaned the lighting fixtures
  • Wall and baseboard washing
  • Clean, dust-free, and mopped floors
  • Cleaning carpets by vacuuming and scrubbing them thoroughly
  • Grout Removal From Tiles
  • Cleansing of Furniture
  • Complete sanitation of the bathrooms
  • Cleaning lobbies with high-powered water sprayers.

What’s Included in Renovation Cleaning Service?

Rough Cleaning Phase:

The site is given a rough cleaning during the final stages of construction. Rough cleaning is only necessary for some construction sites but is usually essential. When a building project is over, the workers clean up the site by removing all waste, debris, and potentially dangerous items.

If the old flooring were made of plywood or concrete, the cleaners would likely scrub them before installing the new floors. In addition to vacuuming, mopping, and washing the floors, the rough clean includes scrubbing the walls, sweeping, dusting, cleaning the inside of windows, and setting up surfaces.

Light Cleaning Phase:

This is the most labor-intensive and equipment-intensive phase of post-construction cleaning. Particular care is being given to one-of-a-kind spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. During this step, cleaners clean all of the fixtures in the area, including the sinks, toilets, windows, and cupboards. Clients often use a professional post construction cleaning service at this stage. This cleaning is much more superficial, involving only thorough vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting. During this phase, the cleaning staff may wipe walls and windows.

Final Cleaning Phase:

The post-construction crew will give the building one last meticulous cleaning before leaving. Also, this helps ensure the facility is secure for the incoming tenants. Post-construction cleaning professionals may also conduct final sweeping and dusting to make the building shine.

Why Always Hire Professionals for Cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is essential since the project wouldn’t match client expectations without it. No one wants to move into a house that needs additional cleaning once construction is finished.

It also helps construction companies impress clients. A construction company that doesn’t clean up after itself will only last for a while in the industry. When hiring a construction company, homeowners intend to have their houses completed to a high standard, not only mediocre standards.

The safety of the people in this house depends on having a professional cleaning crew come in after the building is complete. There is no risk of stumbling on any sharp objects, such as glass or nails, that might require medical attention to remove. So, make sure you hire the right construction company to make your building perfect to move in. Can’t find the best post construction cleaning company? Don’t worry; OZAP will take care of all your cleaning needs!

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