Aged Care Cleaning Services Sydney

Aged Care Cleaning Services Sydney


Our team understands that aged care centres have specific standards to meet when it comes to keeping residents’ families happy.

To maintain the health and well-being of your residents, we know that proper maintenance can prevent germs from spreading.

Our team takes great care to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading quickly, causing serious health problems.

Having weaker immune systems, the elders are often more susceptible to viruses and diseases, which is why we provide a sanitary environment to prevent adverse health conditions from spreading. We ensure to give you a neat and clean environment.

Your elderly residents’ health depends on the cleanliness of their residential facilities, which is why you need a reliable cleaning company.

With our professional cleaning team, your aged care facility is thoroughly cleaned while providing equal opportunities to those in need in our community.

Get a free assessment of your needs and a quote for our high-quality cleaning services by calling or sending us a message. Let’s keep your space safe!

Why You Should Keep Aged Care Home Clean and Hygienic?

In aged-care facilities, it is imperative to reduce the likelihood of illness and infection. To protect the health of this vulnerable group of people, it is imperative to keep aged-care environments consistently clean and sanitized.

Keeping seniors healthy through hygiene practices and procedures reduces the risk of spreading infections. Additionally, they enable staff at these facilities to provide these vital services to seniors by keeping them healthy.

Every aged care facility must ensure a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program to ensure their residents’ safety and hygiene.

A high standard of cleanliness should be achieved by all aged care facilities. Senior residents may suffer detrimental consequences if rules and standards are not in place.

Therefore, all aged care facilities in Australia are audited by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Committee. The audits confirm that predetermined standards have been met.

The immune system weakens as we age, so older people need extra care and attention to stay healthy. Additionally, they should be free from worries, fears, and germs.

Consequently, ensuring the safety and well-being of those living in aged care facilities requires a thorough cleaning and a hygienic environment.

What Is Included In our Aged Care Cleaning Services?

Cleaning standards for aged care facilities in Sydney aim to improve the quality of healthcare by determining, implementing, and managing every cleaning risk.

Equipment cleaning:

It is important to clean and dry all tools and equipment used for cleaning and disinfection before using them again, such as rags, mop buckets, and mops.

Before storing mop heads, they should be washed daily and thoroughly dried. Proper maintenance, repair, and cleaning will be required for cleaning equipment.

The bedrooms of residents:

Rooms are residents’ personal spaces, so it is always essential to perform careful cleaning maintenance so that they are always clean. For cleaning this specific area, the cleaning program considers the resident’s preferences, mobility, and health needs.

Activity Areas:

It is common to encounter spillages in activity areas, which can cause falls or slips, and since they are used by many people within the premises, germs and infections are likely to spread. Surfaces that are commonly used need to be cleaned thoroughly.

Reception/Office Area:

As the reception area/office area is likely to be the first point of contact for potential residents, it’s crucial that this area is cleaned carefully. Since it is another common area, it is a hotspot for germ and infection transfer through surfaces, so it needs to be considered when cleaning.

Serveries and Dining:

They can be hot spots for germs, prone to infection transmission, and prone to physical hazards caused by spilled food and liquids. Daily cleaning of floors and surfaces is necessary to maintain hygienic conditions.

Toilets and Washrooms:

Toilets and bathrooms are known to be hot spots for germs. Washroom handles, wet tiles, toilets, and wheelchair aids are some of the areas that need detailed cleaning to remain hygienically clean.

What Makes OZAP Aged Care Cleaning Services Special?

It is our duty and vision to ensure that every client receives the best care possible. That is why OZAP Cleaning has made a name for itself in the cleaning industry around Sydney.

Trained Cleaners:

Not only does OZAP Cleaning hire the finest cleaners out there, but it also trains them to the highest standards.

Teamwork and an environment conducive to teamwork are just two of the reasons why many job seekers are drawn to OZAP. You will be working with a team that cares about both its employees and its customers.

The latest technology:

Every cleaning job is performed using the latest technology. Our best cleaning service will leave you with a facility that is safe and enjoyable for everyone. As OZAP Cleaning cleans schools, medical facilities, and aged care facilities, the team is accustomed to a variety of environments.

Flexible Schedule:

Our cleaning plans are customized according to your needs. Since no cleaning schedule fits everyone and every situation, the team customizes it according to your needs.

Special Care:

OZAP Cleaning Services recognizes that every aged care facility is a home to someone. Whenever a cleaner comes into the building, you should make sure that they are respectful of everyone. People call this place home, so it should be treated with care and respect.

We at the OZAP Cleaning team are friendly and understanding towards everyone present. They will respect the space in which they are working, and leave it in pristine condition.

Guaranteed Service:

Your 100% satisfaction is our optimum goal. You can always let the team know if you are not satisfied with anything, and it will be resolved right away.

Regardless of the job type, OZAP Cleaning Services has the right services to meet your needs. As well, all members of the team are meticulous in their cleaning efforts.

You can count on OZAP Cleaning Services for any cleaning needs you may have. You can browse our website for more information about our cleaning services or you can get a free quote by calling or sending us a message.

Need something a little different? Contact our team today to discuss how we can help you. You can also contact us on our Facebook OZAP Cleaning Service page.

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