What is Bond Cleaning – A Comprehensive Guide

What is Bond Cleaning – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you currently renting an apartment? So, are you planning to rent or lease your premises? Well, if that’s the plan, then you must be aware of the term “bond cleaning.” When you rent a property and move in or move out from a rented property, you need proper cleaning to make the property ready for the tenant. If you want to get things wrapped up quickly, hiring a professional company is your best bet.

It seems like you’re still wondering what bond cleaning is. Don’t worry; this article will provide an overview of bond cleaning services.

What is Bond Cleaning?

Oftentimes, tenants will refer to their final cleaning as their “bond cleaning” or vice versa. The next obvious question is what this means. Having a basic understanding of what bond cleaning is a must before delving deeper into the topic.

When renting an apartment or other property, the first payment is usually a bond deposit. Per this bond’s terms, the tenant must leave the rental place clean. The real estate agent must ensure that everything is in the same condition. This helps the property owner in the search for new tenants.

However, the landlord has the right to keep the full bond if the apartment is not cleaned. Tenants may get some of their security deposit back after expenses like cleaning have been deducted.

What Does Bond Cleaning Include

Hiring a professional bond cleaner will make the cleaning process much more manageable. Consequently, in a short time, the entire appearance of your apartment will change. You must now have an understanding of the duties required of a bond cleaner. The experts will use all the cutting-edge equipment for cleaning. Nonetheless, we will not be concerned about the cost here. There are a number of professional bond cleaners, like OZAP, who offer good service at a fair price. The following are the most important tasks to complete during bond cleaning:

General Cleaning

This includes places that people touch often, places that are hard to get to, and other places where dirt and germs can hide.

  • Remove insect marks, cobwebs, and dust from walls and ceiling fans.
  • Maintaining a spotless AC system includes cleaning the unit, vents, and filters.
  • Dust off the walls, light switches, and other fixtures.
  • Clean the door jambs, architraves, and skirting boards.
  • Dust off the exposed surfaces.
  • Wash the window panes, sills, frames, etc.
  • Remove germs and dirt from tile and stone floors.
  • Cleaning the floor entails sweeping and mopping.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

When tenants return a rental unit with dirty or heavily soiled carpets, the landlord may withhold all or part of the security deposit. A thorough carpet cleaning is a necessary part of move-out cleaning.

Since pros have the equipment, products, and training, professional carpet cleaners should be allowed to steam clean the carpets. They have access to high-powered equipment that can clean the carpets by vacuuming, shampooing, or steam cleaning. Even if the landlord paid to have the carpets cleaned, the tenant is still responsible for giving them a thorough cleaning before the lease ends. So, hire professional bond cleaners like OZAP to restore the appearance of your carpets.

Kitchen Cleaning

Among the most used and frequented rooms in the house, the kitchen tends to collect the most dirt. Although it’s a pain and a chore to clean thoroughly, renters should pay extra attention to this area of the home because it tends to collect grime, oil, food carbons, and other contaminants.

In contrast to regular cleaning, the tasks involved in the kitchen’s exit cleaning at the end of a tenancy are as follows.

  • Cleaning cabinets, drawers, and cupboards.
  • Drain and sink cleaning.
  • Cleaning windows, doors, tracks, frames, and range hoods.
  • Fixing messes made by the washing machine, dryer, and other machines that use electricity.
  • Cleaning everything from fixtures to counters to flooring.
  • Floors cleaning by sweeping and mopping.

Laundry Cleaning

Do you have a laundry area in your rented apartment? If so, then you need to pay attention to it as well. Use the right equipment and cleaning supplies to give it a thorough once over.

  • Empty all drawers and clean the interiors of all cabinets.
  • Scrub the wall behind the dryer.
  • Get rid of all the lint.
  • Clean the washing machine, the cupboards, and the faucets.
  • Clean stains and soap residue behind the washer.
  • Wash filters and equipment.
  • Clean windows, walls, and floors.

Bathroom Cleaning

Landlords also pay close attention to the condition of the bathroom during the final inspection of a tenancy. Bond refunds are contingent upon a thorough move-out cleaning being completed by the tenant. When moving out, a bathroom clean consists of the following.

  • Scrub the sink, shower, and toilet to make them look like new.
  • Clean windows, frames, doors, drawers, cabinets, and tracks.
  • Scrub countertops and floor tiles.
  • Clean shower glass and mirrors.
  • Eliminating mould and stains.
  • Scrubbing and mopping the floor.

Garage & Patio Cleaning

If you’re trying to spruce up a rental property, these are the areas you should focus on the most. Follow this checklist to ensure a thorough cleaning:

  • Clean the floor with a broom
  • Get rid of the spider webs and bugs.
  • Floor cleaning with a mop
  • Clear the area of any clutter.

How Much Does Bond Cleaning Cost?

Do you curious about the price of bond cleaning services? You may wonder how much it will cost to have your bond cleaned. That, of course, is conditional upon the area and size of the bond property in question. It will also depend on what needs to be cleaned and how much, as well as what tools and materials are used. If you want to know what cleaning services are required for the bond property, you should discuss this with your cleaning service.

The simplest way to get price estimates is to contact numerous service providers and cleaning companies directly. Some of them will call you, while others will text you back. When you work with a professional cleaning company, you can count on getting prompt service, a fair price, and spotlessly cleaning every time.

Bottom Line

When leaving a rental property, you must be familiar with the concept of bond cleaning. Since professional cleaners know what does and does not fall under the purview of a bond cleaning, you can devote your attention to finding the right company. Contact us, if you need thorough bond cleaning services without breaking the bank!

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