An Office Cleaning Checklist You Should Follow

An Office Cleaning Checklist You Should Follow

An unhealthy environment can affect the productivity of employees. So, to promote productivity and cleanliness, you must have an office cleaning checklist that guides you along the way to have a well-cleaned workspace.  

The unclean and soiled environment can also be the host of many germs and bacteria that can directly affect your health. To avoid these mishaps, you should follow the proper cleaning schedule and a do-follow checklist so that no area of your office should remain unattended. Moreover, you can also hire a company like Ozapcs to do it for you professionally.

Essential Office Cleaning Supplies:

You should have these tools and supplies to clean any office area.

  • Buckets and a large-sized container
  • Spray bottles along with solutions
  • Wipes and disinfectants 
  • Paper towels and tissue rolls
  • Natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, borax, and rubbing alcohol. 
  • Sponges, gloves, and brushes 
  • Mops, sweepers, wipers, and towels.

Here we enlisted all the crucial points in the form of checklists that should take care to have a spotless and clean workspace.

Office Cleaning Checklist for Desks and Computers:

Desks and cubicles, where people sit to work on their computers and shared workspaces, are primarily taken care of by keeping in mind the following points:

  • The desk Should be free from all types of dirt along with the chairs
  • Empty trash and used papers
  • Vacuum the floor under tables, desks, and chairs.
  • Clean windows
  • Disinfect the surfaces, for example, mice, keyboards, printers, and photocopiers.
  • Dust the shelves, doors, and prominent surfaces. 

Office Cleaning Checklist for Break rooms:

Office break rooms are usually used to take a rest. In most organizations, workers typically use these areas to spend their free time. So here’s how you can maintain your break room area.

  • Couches should be dusted properly 
  • The dustbin should be empty
  • Tables should be cleaned properly
  • Water coolers and glass should be cleaned if available.
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • Surfaces that are used directly should be adequately disinfected.

Office Cleaning Checklist for Office Kitchen:

The office kitchen is used a lot in offices. Following are the points that should be kept in consideration while cleaning the kitchen to make sure it’s tidy and clean.

  • Perishable things that are expired should be removed asap.
  • Unwanted and expired food should be discarded
  • Utensils, dishes, and oven should be cleaned
  • The area which is used to prepare or cook meals should be germ and bacteria free
  • Kettles and coffee port should be cleaned
  • Disposables should be disposed of properly.
  • Clean the appliances carefully, like the refrigerator and microwave ovens. 

Office Cleaning Checklist for Reception Area and Waiting room

The reception and waiting area are the main focus when people visit you. These areas need special care, and they shouldn’t be unattended at all. You can properly clean these areas by keeping in mind the following points

  • Dust the welcome desk and organize things properly
  • Dust the tables, chairs, etc
  • Organize and dust the magazines, and newspapers, left on the table for the visitors.
  • Clean the carpets in waiting rooms periodically once a month.
  • Vacuum the floor and use mild fragrances.
  • Empty the trash bin
  • Clean the under feet of the tables, desks, and chairs

Office Cleaning Checklist for Office Bath Rooms

Office bathrooms are the most commonly used area in offices. It should be clean, sanitary, and disinfected. Here are the points that should be in focus while cleaning office bathrooms.

  • Toilet and sink clean
  • Clean the floor and disinfect it
  • Clean the mirror and discard the trash properly 
  • Discard the paper towels
  • The hand dryer should be dusted, and it should be in working condition.

Office Cleaning Checklist for Outside areas of the office

The outside area of your office paints your first impression, so it’s equally important to keep those areas clean and tidy. 

It would help if you tackled these things to maintain your outside areas.

  • Take off or clean the leaves and debris from the sidewalk area.
  • Trim the bushes of plants and branches that get in the sidewalk area.
  • A cleaned carpet should be there in the right place
  • Clean the parking area, and it should be free from leaves and debris.

Final Verdict for the office cleaning checklists

Although, workers are the primary source of waste generation in offices. Keeping your workspace clean, tidy, and disinfected can help them to perform better because a clean workplace is conducive to the mental and physical health of the employees. Moreover, a clean place paints an excellent impression on the visitors and clients. 

By keeping in mind the above-given points, you can maintain the cleanliness of your office. You can also employ a professional Office cleaning service company to do it for you.

We can handle it professionally with our experts so you can focus on other areas of your business that require more time and attention.

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