How Does Strata Cleaning Affect your Business and Why is it Important

How Does Strata Cleaning Affect your Business and Why is it Important

Strata Cleaning has become a popular term used by both professional cleaners and the general public. But the question of “What is strata cleaning?” has yet to be answered. Strata Cleaning is an Australian concept of origin. This allows for the maintenance of all the common spaces within a building that are shared with commercial establishments.

You need to take care of the hallways, parks, gyms, and entrances of any industrial space that houses multiple businesses, such as a tech park, mall, or industrial complex with several retail outlets. To do this, the maintenance committee of the building authority is established and they hire strata cleaning service to handle all of them at once.

Why Should you Care About Strata Cleaning?

First Impressions

You don’t have to keep the space’s interior clean. The hygiene of your entire building is crucial to making a good first impression. Imagine a potential client walking through a corridor stuffed with cobwebs or a garden rife with weeds and litter. This is not a pleasing sight, right?

An expert can help you to rewrite the situation for your entire building. Here are the services that a strata cleaning company can provide:

All hard surfaces should be swept, vacuumed, and mopped.

  • Trash removal, floor litter pickups. Garbage disposal.
  • Car park cleaning services and removal of oil or grease from surfaces
  • Window and door cleaning.
  • Outdoor area sanitization, and disinfection in common kitchens
  • Pool maintenance and restoration of lawn areas.
  • Common toilets include cleaning, sanitization, and proper disinfection.
  • Maintenance of walkways, stairs, and elevators
  • Steam cleaning carpets in the entrance areas

It is Always Better if You Hire a Professional

Although strata cleaning may seem like an old concept, technologies are constantly evolving. You may not be able, as a business owner or as a leader of a committee, to manage a whole team. You might find it difficult to hire and train employees, process their payrolls, provide the necessary supplies and upgrade their equipment.

Professional strata cleaning companies will manage it all. They can provide a wide range of supplies to suit different floor types. You don’t have any responsibility for damages that might occur in your shared areas.

These are the things you need to think about before you hire a professional for your needs:

1- Experience

It is always better to have a team of professionals with the same expertise and years of experience than those who are just starting as a strata cleaning service. A common shared area will have many diverse needs that require the team to be well-prepared.

2- Portfolio

Any professional can do any job by using the resources available to them. To do the job right, you need a professional who has done it many times before. You can cut down on errors and save time by having an expert do the job for you.

3- Costing

Strata cleaning can cost a lot if you go for the wrong scope of work or an overpriced professional. The average cost of strata cleaning in your local area is around $1,200. Professionals are available to provide estimates at no cost. Compare the prices of different vendors before making a decision.

4- Eco-consideration

Cleaning is no longer a matter of achieving a shiny surface. Many things go on behind the scenes of cleaning. The companies are gradually achieving major milestones like switching to organic materials and being more sensitive to the environment. Because they are not as complicated as chemical supplies, these supplies are easy on the human body.

5- Insurance, Safety Protocols and Equipment

It is difficult to clean the strata because there is so much room. A typical company would use a pre-designed procedure and follow routine patterns to ensure that no corner is overlooked. Many commercial office cleaning services in Sydney follow protocols set forth by global bodies such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This would allow us to be uncompromising on safety and still deliver the best work possible.

It’s a great time to Google your questions if you are still unclear about what strata cleaning is or if you do need one. Many professionals are happy to help you understand their general work and what they can do for you in your specific area. After an inspection of your premises, they will be able to provide you with a complimentary quote.

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