What is Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

What is Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

It’s natural to wonder, “What makes industrial cleaning different from commercial cleaning?” After all, cleaning is just cleaning, no matter what the place is.


The most important difference between industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning is health and safety. Commercial and industrial buildings present unique cleaning challenges. Cleaning methods and chemicals must take into account a wide range of factors, such as the building’s size (height, width, vents, windows, flooring, walls, and surfaces), as well as the routines and needs of the people who work there.

Looking back to the pandemic, we can see that health and safety have swiftly become the top concerns for everyone. And justifiably so. Having adequate security is a priority for everyone. One must be well-versed in the many forms of protection available to achieve this goal. When we follow this trail, we might find options like industrial and commercial cleaning.

Industrial cleaning means cleaning places like factories and warehouses where there may be dangerous materials. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, means cleaning places like businesses and offices. There are distinctions between the two. Each has its own unique set of difficulties. So, let’s find out what is difference between commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

The term “commercial cleaning” refers to cleaning any company or commercial area. Cleaning a commercial place is harder and more dangerous than cleaning a private home, but it still takes less work than cleaning sporadically. Gyms, workplaces, schools, universities, restaurants, public bathrooms, hotels, and more all fall under “commercial cleaning.” Commercial cleaning services guarantee the cleanliness and healthiness of public and business areas. If you care about the health and happiness of your employees and customers, you need to invest in commercial cleaning services that use cutting-edge techniques, products, and protocols.

A commercial cleaner’s responsibility is to keep an office or business clean and free of germs and other contaminants that might shorten the life of equipment and furniture.

What is Industrial Cleaning?

Industrial cleaning means eliminating more dangerous waste, which only professionals should do. In the industrial cleaning process, harmful elements, including oil, fats, dust, waterborne compounds, and chemicals, are removed from surfaces before they can cause any damage or contamination. In industrial cleaning, chemicals, and other things are used to eliminate dirt, oil, and other contaminants.

Food poisoning and other sickness outbreaks in the workplace may be less likely if food is handled and stored correctly and if the workplace is kept clean. Industrial cleaners usually use chemicals to disinfect or deodorize a space, so they need to know about the substances they’ll be working with.

In addition to standard cleaning, pest control, allergy cleaning, deep cleaning, waste management, mold removal, and grounds upkeep are all part of industrial cleaning. A professional industrial cleaner will have the tools and know-how to get your property back to its original state quickly and effectively.

Commercial Cleaning VS Industrial Cleaning

When It Is Used 

Commercial Cleaning Used For:

Health and safety regulations for commercial properties differ from those for residential properties. They also have a distinct set of focal points that must be meticulously scrubbed. People often think of commercial cleaning as removing junk from a business, getting rid of potential hazards, or doing other similar complex jobs.

Stores, offices, supermarkets, institutions of higher learning, financial institutions, and other places with heavy foot traffic are all examples of commercial properties. Due to the increased foot traffic volume, these establishments are more likely to be invaded by bacteria and viruses. In terms of cleanliness requirements, each of these facilities is different. This shows how important it is to choose a reliable commercial cleaning service, preferably one that puts the cleanliness of industrial spaces first, follows strict cleaning standards, and adjusts to its client’s needs.

Industrial Cleaning Used For:

Industrial cleaning professionals must be well-informed, well-versed, and ready for many problems. They must have the proper education, gear, and instruments to do the task. How come there are such stringent standards for cleaning factories? When you clean an industrial building, there are more risks than when you clean a commercial building. In manufacturing, knowing how to safely get rid of dangerous materials and keep the workplace clean is essential.

Hygiene regulations are the primary focus of commercial cleaning services. When it comes to health and safety, different industries have different rules to follow. The importance of the health and safety requirements of various industries is underscored by the fact that hiring industrial cleaning services should be dependent on the activities carried out in the company. Industrial cleaning services must meet the requirements of the industries that need industrial cleaning.

Material Used

Materials For Commercial Cleaning:

The most common types of commercial cleaning products are:

  • Soap-based detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Degreasers h
  • Hard surface polishes, waxes, and buffers. 

Non-hazardous materials are always preferred when cleaning a commercial building.

Materials Used for Industrial Cleaning:

For industrial cleaning, you need the following:

  • Strong solvents like acetone, esters, and alcohol. 
  • Sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid to remove stains. 
  • Chemicals used in industrial cleaning are so strong and dangerous the people who do the work are required to wear special protective gear called “biohazard suits” whenever they work with potentially hazardous materials.

Why Hire OZAP for Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining a clean workplace is essential for both productivity and personal wellness. There is a chain reaction of poor outcomes that begins with a workstation that isn’t clean. Financial losses can occur if workers call out ill or don’t put in their total effort. Doing the cleaning yourself or paying a professional might cost more in the long term.

Employing a reliable cleaning company can end up saving you both time and money. Better air quality and a happier workforce are two additional benefits. To reap all the benefits of clean commercial space, hire OZAP Cleaning Services

OZAP is committed to providing you with a secure and pleasant environment to perform your job duties. We tailor our commercial cleaning services to your unique requirements since we understand the significance of the first impression your business makes.

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