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Commercial Cleaning Products and Tools Used in Australia

The surfaces of professional premises must be regularly maintained. To clean and disinfect them effectively, you need the right equipment. Industrial cleaning professionals are equipped with specific materials and products. Indeed, the objective is to ensure optimal washing while saving time through efficient practice and high-performance tools. Maintenance is essential in sectors that receive the public, accommodate employees, and store various products.

Some surfaces have specific needs. A carpet does not clean like tiles; the windows do not wash in the same way as a painted wall, etc. Cleaning companies have understood this and offer equipment and products adapted to each type of coating. This way, you can get meticulous cleaning of your floors, walls, and glass surfaces.

Cleaning Tools and Products

Indeed, the medical environment requires suitable products and tools capable of cleaning surfaces and eliminating microbes, bacteria, and viruses. So, you can avoid harming the health of patients, medical staff, and visitors.

The Scrubber

The scrubber-dryer is a cleaning machine designed to provide four actions in one. It is equipped with a dirt vacuum cleaner, a cleaning product to wet the floor, a brush or a disk to clean the surface. The scrubber drier performs four essential functions in a single pass, a real-time saver for cleaning teams.

There are different models (electric, thermal, battery-powered ) in multiple sizes to cover all types and sizes of surfaces. In addition, they can be equipped with specific equipment to meet the particular needs of certain types of soil.

Brushes/trays and crevice strips should be rinsed and dried daily. The control of the wear of the accessories of the machine is also to be done regularly. These elements guarantee quality cleaning.


The mono brush is a mechanized machine that consists of a round brush driven by a motor. It is suitable for cleaning a large number of surfaces, including tiles, concrete, stone, and sandstone. Easy to handle, it is steered by the handling operator using an adjustable handle or tiller.

It has a similar washing characteristic to a scrubber-dryer but does not dry the cleaned surface, being devoid of a water suction device.

Several models of mono brushes are distinguished by their speed of rotation. The low-speed machine washes, scrubs, and strips dirty floors and carpets between 140 and 200 rpm. The medium-speed machine shines and polishes medium-dirty floors between 300 and 600 revolutions per minute. The high-speed model buffs and shines lightly soiled floors at up to 3000 rpm.

The Sweeper

A sweeper is a machine that sweeps the ground. It looks much like the scrubber, with the difference that it does not wash. Pushed or driven by the operator, it dusts the coatings and vacuums and collects waste and residue.

The sweeper is available in different models and formats to meet all surface needs. It is an ideal machine for the daily maintenance of lightly soiled floors and exteriors. Plus, it is suitable for cleaning outdoor spaces or premises that do not require washing and is divided into 3 types.

Scraper Sweeper:

This machine is equipped with an adjustable scraper. It is intended for the cleaning of wet and high-density waste.

Pick-Up Sweeper:

This sweeper is equipped with a pick-up system. It is suitable for recovering dry or wet waste of low or medium density.

Vacuum Sweeper:

With a vacuum cleaner, this machine allows you to sweep and vacuum low or medium-density waste at the same time.

Vacuum Cleaner

The industrial vacuum cleaner looks like the household models of individuals, but it allows enhanced suction, especially for fine dust particles. It is designed to better resist certain harmful dirt and to guarantee an ideal result.

The vacuum cleaner, like the sweeper, cleans the floor of its dust and dirt. On the other hand, it is not suitable for picking up and collecting the largest waste. Practical on certain delicate surfaces such as carpets, the vacuum cleaner is also easier to handle in cramped spaces. However, unlike the sweeper, it is not suitable for outdoor areas.

Mop and Bucket

The traditional mop is ideal to complement the action of the vacuum cleaner or sweeper. Attached to the broom the mop is useful for manually mopping the floor. Microfiber models are also designed to simply clean dust.

To handle it, the operator immerses it in a bucket containing hot water to which detergent has been added. Then, wrings it out and passes it over the floor to remove traces and dirt. The bucket is a simple but essential accessory for the maintenance of floors and surfaces.

Detergent Products

There is a wide range of detergent products for floor maintenance. These products are available in a wide range of models, from the most basic to the most specific. The simplest detergents ensure cleaning and scouring while leaving a pleasant smell thanks to their synthetic perfume.

The most specific contain specific components intended for particular environments such as the medical environment. The food industry and the restaurant environment also can use it. These sectors need highly disinfectant detergent products as well.

Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaner is an effective way to clean and disinfect fragile wall surfaces. The steam is enough to eliminate a large number of bacteria. Some surfaces are too sensitive to be treated with conventional detergent products. Without rinsing, the steam cleaner is an interesting ally in many areas.

The High-Pressure Cleaner

For cleaning facades, the high-pressure cleaner is a useful and practical piece of equipment. It can also be used with a detergent or treatment product to a result more suitable for certain surfaces. It also works very well with only water (the force of the pressure being sufficient).


Sponges are useful for dusting and cleaning windows. They allow you to apply the cleaning product to the surface and wash it gently, but effectively. There are several ranges of glass sponges, all of which are designed not to scratch the surface of the glass and to remove dirt.

Spatulas and Squeegees

Spatulas and squeegees remove the detergent product applied to the glass surface as well as the dirt it has loosened. They allow you to obtain an impeccable result, without traces or residues of water or product. Simple to use, just slide them over the glass and wipe them regularly on a clean cloth. In addition, they do not require drying.


A window wetter is a T-shaped tool that the professional covers with a wetter skin in order to clean the windows. This utensil is passed through the professional washer on the glass surface to clean the surface and remove dirt, dust, and pollution.

It is used before the squeegee, which is intended to eliminate this dirty humidity without leaving traces. There are several types of wetters, with varying lengths and widths. The quality of the skin also influences the quality and effectiveness of washing.


Poles are handles that window cleaning professionals attach to their equipment to reach high spaces and delicate places. They screw or fit onto the wetters and squeegees to facilitate the washing of glass surfaces and allow the operator to intervene without danger and without effort.

Why Cleaning Equipment Matters

It’s a quick overview of professional cleaning products and tools to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of bathrooms, kitchens, floors, offices, and buildings. These pieces of equipment can change how well your buildings and offices look.

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