Can Commercial Cleaning Go Green? & How to Make It So?

Can Commercial Cleaning Go Green? & How to Make It So?

Yes, commercial cleaning goes green. Simply put, green cleaning refers to cleaning procedures that use tools and techniques that are safe for both the environment and people’s health.

Green cleaning supplies don’t include harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment, the water supply, and people. As a result, they can lessen the adverse effects of industrial cleaning on the environment.

Due to the rising demand for green cleaning solutions and products, various manufacturers now offer eco-friendly cleaning detergents, chemicals, and solutions, giving clients a wide range of options.

How to make commercial cleaning green:

There are different methods in which we can make our commercial cleaning green or environment friendly by following this. These are as follows:

  • New technology
  • Sustainable cleaning methods 
  • Save water by cleaning 
  • Commercial waste management 
  • Green driving and vehicle

New technology:

Start by switching your current cleaning techniques (and products) to more environmentally friendly, sustainable ones. Utilizing eco-friendly cleaning methods that are secure for humans and the environment is the key. Cleaning agents and supplies containing no toxins are considered eco-friendly products. Even when released into the atmosphere or water, they hardly ever cause harm. Examples of natural cleaning products are baking soda and vinegar.

Modern, technologically advanced items are also being developed to be greener. As an illustration, the HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners that Clean Group employs are built to automatically remove micro particles from the air, thereby enhancing the quality of the air. Everything that can help to lessen the impact of cleaning on the environment should be the focus of green cleaning practices.

Sustainable cleaning method:

Office cleaning service providers have many options to make sure their cleaning operations don’t hurt the environment. These consist of:

  • Proper garbage management, making sure no waste is overlooked. Products for recycling will be processed.
  • Reduce waste by using reusable rags, mops, and other cleaning supplies.
  • Make your natural cleaning products and detergents.
  • Use cleaning equipment that requires less water and chemicals.
  • Choose non-toxic cleaning agents and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Save water in cleaning:

There are many additional things a company trying to go green may do, even though we have already discussed specific techniques that we at Clean Group utilize to cut water use in cleaning. This comprises:

  • Using water-saving cleaning techniques, such as microfiber towels and flat sweeping.
  • lessening the use of chemicals and water in cleaning
  • When cleaning, use a bucket and cup rather than a running faucet.
  • Install and make use of a water pressure regulator.
  • Use the leftover water from indoor cleaning to wash the streets, parking lots, etc.

Commercial waste management: 

Sustainable cleaning requires careful waste management. However, there are techniques to effectively manage industrial waste to lessen its adverse effects on the environment, particularly the garbage produced by the commercial cleaning sector. There are three steps in a typical industrial waste management process: reduce, reuse, and recycle.

To minimize waste, the first step is to use fewer cleaning agents. Commercial enterprises, especially cleaning service providers, should avoid purchasing and using harsh cleaning agents at all costs. The next stage is to reuse as many industrial/commercial and cleaning goods as possible. This will benefit the environment by reducing trash even more.

Recycling what you can’t reduce is the third but crucial step. Sustainable cleaning requires careful waste management. Industrial waste, particularly waste produced by commerce or recycling. The cleaning supplies and other materials you use in your company must be recyclable for this step to be practical.

Green driving and vehicle:

A business cleaning company can think about adopting sustainable commercial cleaner trucks in addition to eco-friendly cleaning supplies and techniques. For example, an industrial cleaning company serves clients throughout the city. A fleet of 2 to 5 cleaning vehicles is standard for a firm like OZAP cleaning service.

Implementing environmentally friendly vehicles is a wise choice, especially if you want to switch to green cleaning.

When choosing a fleet for your cleaning company, you can consider cleaner fuel sources like electric vehicles. Additionally, by favoring service providers who drive environmentally friendly cars, cleaning clients may support this trend.

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